Covid19 personal safety products and their importance


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of changes in our perception! From staying safe at home and avoiding public places to navigating our way back into our daily activities once more – we have all realized the importance of taking safety precautions and building a sustainable and safe living environment. And this change is here to say.

With the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, life-changing effects of COVID19, and the continual fight against the disease has made it important for us to build a safe and sustainable environment around us that keeps us protected. While medicated products are the best for creating a safety cocoon around us, we can’t keep continuing with them in the long run. Skin-friendly, gentle and effective products are a must for us!

Let us tell you about a few products that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to create a safe living environment around you.

Alcohol-based Hand sanitizers

Using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer has become a habit for most of us, and rightly so. Sanitizers quickly kill and reduce the number of germs on your hands without the need to keep washing them all the time. But apart from being a convenient safety option, sanitizers tend to dry out the skin and are hence being used relatively less today. Savlive hand sanitizer is a gamechanger; it is made up of 70% Ethyl Alcohol for effectiveness and contains a unique moisturizing formula which ensures that your skin stays soft and healthy. Even with continued usage, it does not end up drying out your hands. Moreover, with Savlive sanitizer, you no longer have to tolerate the distinct alcohol smell of clinical sanitizers, as it comes in two different fragrances – 'Apple & Peach' and 'Neem, Tulsi & Tea Tree Oil', to keep your hands smelling nice and fresh. 

Spray machines

Let’s agree that we have now trained ourselves into disinfecting the things and surfaces around us. A spraying machine makes the task easy and effective enough to inculcate this habit into our daily lives. The portable and durable spray machines are effortless to use. They spray sanitizer mist from their nozzles, making the task of disinfecting things faster and easier. 

Face Masks

From 3-layered cloth masks and surgical masks to designer labels and N95 respirators – face masks have become the new accessory not just to protect one from potential exposure to the virus but also to suppress its transmission. While a lot of people may find wearing a mask for long hours uncomfortable, Savlive provides a host of anti-bacterial, anti-pollution, and anti-dust masks that are easy to wear, comfortable and have a soft lining with an adjustable nose pin. These are great for daily use.

Environment-friendly Face shield

Face shields add another level of protection and go a step further than masks, protecting your forehead, nose, mouth and neck from splatter. Ever since the unlock measures began, single-use face shields are everywhere. Savlive’s face shields are a great choice because they come with reusable head-bands. All one needs to do is change the visor. Savlive’s face shields are sturdy, durable, and comfortable to use.


An oximeter can be effective in monitoring the blood oxygen levels at any time. It can be a great tool to monitor a change in oxygen levels in COVID-19 patients and catch any changes in the oxygen levels at an early stage. While most oximeters available earlier were imported pieces with no warranty or quality-assurance, Savlive now has a better alternative. The pulse oximeter is easy, quick, accurate and comes with a 2-year warranty. It even has a comparatively lower battery consumption!

PPE Kits

Visits to a hospital, traveling, or walking into a densely populated area can be a scary thought for most of us during this pandemic. Covering yourself from head to toe with a PPE Kit can help to save you from any potential contact with the virus. Savlive provides a range of PPE kits that safely cover every part of your body with shoe covers, masks, gloves, shields, protection goggles, head covers, and disposable bags. Used widely by frontline workers, service persons and more.

With the uncertainty of current situations looming over us, devising a full-proof protection system is extremely important.

Making conscious choices keeps you responsible and aware. Savlive helps you to inculcate crucial lifestyle measures for the pandemic-era into your home, office, and surroundings - effortlessly and affordably.